Preparation for the shooting day

For our shooting day, we decided to have the Super Mario hats for our Mario and Luigi characters. As we only found expensive Super Mario hats we decided to make them the DIY way. Amanda ordered a red and a green hat and I was responsible to make, print and cut the letters for them which I would later attach on the front of the hats with a double sided tape. I prepared different sizes as I was not sure what size would fit on them best.


I also researched a bit how is it possible to capture and make HDRI as I have never done it before and it would be helpful when the team implements the 3d model/models we have in our commercial. I found those two links most helpful with clear explanations: Link 1 and Link 2. In short you need a tripod and a DSLR to capture 5 different images which change in brightness each time from 7 or 8 different angles, resulting after that in a panorama image with all of the light information.

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